Zheng Lab - Bad Project (Lady Gaga parody)

by on Jan 20, 2011

A funny video from the Hui Zheng lab at BCM who were doing study on Alzheimer's disease.  If you are caught in a bad project, best of luck and hope you can turn it around soon!

Movement Against Malaria eNews December 2011 issue

MAM E-News Team

This is indeed a blessed holidays!

Global Fund announced the approval of Phase 2 funding of Consolidated Malaria Grant early this month. Meanwhile, MAM and its implementing partners continue to intensify efforts against the disease particularly during the recently celebrated National Malaria Awareness Month.

Read these and more in this issue of MAM eNews.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

Movement Against Malaria eNews December 2011 issue

My Favorite Travel from 2011: Ministry of Health, Thailand

The Thai Ministry of Public Health is the government ministry responsible for governing healthcare, the healthcare industry, public health, and health-related NGOs within the country. The Ministry governs and regulates the activity of medical professionals, hospitals, and clinics in the country.

Bureau of Vector-Borne Disease, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

The Thai Malaria Control Programme has been operating since 1949. It is now part of the Bureau of Vector-Borne Disease within the Department of Disease Control in the Ministry of Public Health. The Bureau is responsible for malaria-related research, generating policy for malaria control, and evaluating the malaria control programme. Throughout the country, there are 39 Vector-Borne Disease Centers at the provincial level and 302 Vectorborne Disease Units at the district level that are responsible for the prevention and control of malaria, as well as other vector-borne diseases. There are 529 malaria clinics throughout the country, and village malaria volunteers are actively involved in prevention and control activities in each community. The Bureau implements Containment Project activities on the Thai side of the border, including managing mosquito net distribution, mobile malaria clinics at border crossings, intense follow-up of falciparum malaria cases, piloting an innovative surveillance system using geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping and delivering intensive education and outreach to seasonal migrants.

Movement Against Malaria e-News Vol 6 Issue 2 (September 2011)

MAM eNews Team

Welcome to another issue of Movement Against Malaria eNews.

On this issue, the Movement Against Malaria once again recognizes its partnerships with various government agencies and programs, non-governmental organizations, business and religious groups, and academe as well as with outstanding community leaders and individuals in their various efforts done in the last few months in the continuous fight against the scourge, that is, malaria.

Happy reading.
Movement Against Malaria April 2011 e-News, Volume 6 Issue 2


Department of Health, December 9, 2011

Have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona today advised the public to watch out for their health during the Christmas and New Year festivities to prevent and control non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle-related diseases.

Data from the 2006 Philippine Health Statistics revealed that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are among the leading causes of death. These include diseases of the heart (ranked # 1), diseases of the vascular systems (ranked # 2), malignant neoplasms (ranked #3), chronic lower respiratory diseases (ranked #7), and diabetes mellitus (ranked #8).

“Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and diabetes mellitus, the four major non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country are linked by four most common and preventable risk factors related to lifestyle – tobacco use, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity and alcohol use,” Secretary Ona elaborated.

A study conducted by the FNRI (Food and Nutrition Research Institute) National Nutrition Surveys revealed that from 2003 to 2008 hypertension and diabetes prevalence have increased; hypertension from 22% to 25% and diabetes from 3.4% and 4.8%. This study also showed an increase in the consumption of foods high in fats and sugars and a low level of physical activity among almost the entire adult population.

The health chief enumerated twelve ways of ensuring a healthy and stress-free holiday season. Ona encouraged everyone to:

1) Prepare early, avoid the Christmas rush to prevent stress (Maghanda nang maaga para sa makahulugan na Kapaskuhan upang ang Stress ay maiwasan.);

2) Make sure to give children toys which are safe and appropriate to their age and abilities (Magregalo sa mga bata ng mga laruan na ligtas at angkop sa kanilang edad at abilidad.);

3) Buy only legitimate and registered products to ensure safety (Bumili lamang ng mga produktong lehitimo at rehistrado upang ligtas na Kapaskuhan ay masigurado.);

4) Prepare healthy food, including vegetables and fruits, for Noche Buena and Media Noche (Noche Buena at Media Noche ay paghandaan,masustansyang pagkain,gulay at prutas ang ihain sa kainan.);

5) Make sure that foods to be served are unspoiled and fresh to avoid food poisoning (Mga pagkain na ihahanda ay tiyaking malinis at sariwa upang ang inyong pamilya’y siguradong ligtas sa food poisoning.);

6) Attend every festivity but make sure to eat moderately (Dumalo sa bawat salo-salo sa Pasko, ngunit sapat lamang na pagkain sa plato ang bantayan mo.);

7) Avoid fatty and salty foods for a healthy heart (Umiwas sa labis na matataba at maaalat na pagkain upang puso at pangangatawan ay manatiling malusog.)

8) Have fun and enjoy the holidays but stay sober and drink moderately. Do not drink and drive.Magsaya at magdiwang kung Kapaskuhan subalit labis na pag-inom ng alak at mga nkalalasing na inumin ay iwasan. Huwag magmaneho ng sasakyan kapag naka-inom ng alak.)

9) Engage in regular exercise like walking, jogging and dancing to keep fit (Maglakad, tumakbo, sumayaw o regular na mag-ehersisyo para sa masigla ang katawan sa Pasko.);

10) Have enough rest and sleep (Pahinga at sapat na oras ng pagtulog ay kailangn sa mahabang panahon nang kasayahan sa Kapaskuhan.);

11) Avoid accidents due to firecrackers/fireworks (Aksyon: Paputok Injury Reduction Umiwas sa disgrasya dulot ng paputok.); and

12) Have a safe Christmas and New Year celebration(Aksyon: Paputok Injury Reduction Magdiwang ng Pasko at Bagong Taon ng ligtas).

“We consider non-communicable diseases (NCDs) a major public health concern that entails lifelong treatment and major lifestyle changes. This is why prevention is the most effective way to deal with these diseases,” Ona concluded, adding that this holiday season is the perfect time to start living healthy.

Source: Republic of the Philippines, Department of Health

A Joyous Holiday Greetings!

May the Yuletide Season bring you and your family more blessings and cheer, As wonderful new beginnings await you in the coming year!

It's the season for dates and parties but make sure to eat and drink in moderation.  Be sure to spend the holidays fruitfully while getting ready for the new year. 
Thanks to all.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

A warm greetings from the CHD3 Laboratory staff.

Photos and Videos: CHD3 - SRLE, FDA, & Laboratory Christmas Party

stomach in para di halata

BUILD IT - LEGO Music Video

Uploaded by Blunty3000 on Jun 10, 2009

Build it, is an animated LEGO Music video
Remove unnecessary risk from your T cell research without sacrificing results. This animation tells the story of an immunologist in the lab...

Guys join #phchurpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! It's really cool!

Photos: CHD 3 Malaria Microscopy Validators Meeting

A meeting of malaria microscopy validators was held at the Social Action Center of Pampanga (SACOP) on December 16, 2011.  This is to validate the quality assurance system for malaria microscopy, to address microscopy gaps, issues, and other concerns.

L-R: Joy, Joel, Jopas, Glyze, Doc Rhoda, Brad, Mel, Ferdz, Perly,
Reggie, Jhoanne, Grace

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