External Quality Assessment Scheme for Clinical Chemistry

The Lung Center of the Philippines was the designated National Reference Laboratory for Clinical Chemistry where the external quality assessment scheme is being conducted.

For initial application, you must inform them of your intention to participate in the scheme. You can contact them with this number (02)924-6101 loc. 388 or send an email at lcp_nrl_cc@yahoo.com.ph.

Registration form and order of payment will be sent via email. Accomplish documents completely and return back to LCP_NRL the soonest. Original copy of all required documents must be submitted.

A minimal amount of P3,500.00 as participation fee will be charged to defray cost of reagent, administrative, and other operating expenses. Payment may be paid in cash or in check payable to Lung Center of the Philippines.

As soon as payment is received EQAS samples will be prepared and delivered on schedule.

A Certificate of Participation (COP) will only be released to the participating clinical laboratory upon submission of EQAS result to LCP-NRL. This COP is required in the application for renewal of license to operate (LTO) for the succeeding year.


  1. thanks for posting this info..its very helpful for us to apply in eqas...god bless!!

  2. Great job. Very informative. Hoping that more updates be posted here. Different NRLs are doing their best to keep our work in the lab is really of quality. Thanks a lot.

  3. May website ba ang LCP-NRL?

  4. http://www.lcp.gov.ph/index.html

  5. gayle- of ADH legazpiFebruary 23, 2012 at 8:48 PM

    where can we get the registration form, in order for our hospital laboratory can participate in the NEQAS? tnkx

    1. hi. you have to give them a call or email them about your intention to participate and then the form will be sent via email.

    2. hi! may i ask. pano po kaya eto na misplaced ko yung letter nila. for renewal na kasi kami. thank you :)

  6. hi... will i wait for your email advise about the NEQAS REGISTRATION FORM 2013 ? Already paid online thru Land Bank for the 2013 Chemistry Neqas Registration Application last Feb. 01, 2013. Please advise. thanks.wmmc_lab16@yahoo.com

  7. hi can you email us NEQAS REGISTRATION FORM thanks

    -lourdes catabay

  8. Please email the NEQAS Registration Form for 2013. Thank you.

    -Myrna L. Labanda
    Biliran Provincial Hospital
    Naval, Biliran

  9. Hi,
    You must first inform lcp-nrl of your intention to participate in the scheme. You can contact them with this number (02)924-6101 loc. 388 or send an email at lcp_nrl_cc@yahoo.com.ph.

    You have to wait for their invitation before the registration form and order of payment be sent via email.

    1. hi, will i just put the lab's name and address in the email? we've been a participant since last year, or will they send an invitation letter just like hema neqas did?

  10. Sir, where can i get the registration form of EQAS for Hematology? This in in National Kidney TRansplant Institute.

    I need to file and get the OR as required for initial application for a secondary laboratory clinic.

    Hope you can help me. Thank you and God bless!!

  11. Good day! I just want to ask about the registration for for eqas-cc for this year 2014 participation?when will bw the schedule of releasing the eqas-cc sample?thank you and God Bless..

    Madelyn A.Piezas
    Tubigon Community Hospital
    Medical Technologist

  12. From: Northern Cagayan District Hospital, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan Valley

    Please send us again via email the Form B of your EQAS registration form because our Med Tech omitted to fill it up. i hope you can send us the soonest possible time. This is our email:ncdh_sanchezmira@yahoo.com. Thank you and more power

  13. Can i have a copy po ng form para sa clinical chemistry? Nag-emeil na po ako sa lcp_nrl_cc@yahoo.com.ph last week.. kaso walang reply until now...


  14. good day sir/madam

    we are from hinigaran, and i am a working med.tech. from one of a private laboratory here in negros occidental.
    we would like to inform you about our update about our new email and password. we cannot upload all our results from riqas for past 6 mons. already. we are so much delayed. i already send email from u but still we donnot receive any reply. sir/madam . again we receive another box of samples for the second quarter. what would you suggest the things we do. we did our part sir/mam but still we dont receive anything .please help us. thank you very much...


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