German researchers pave way to cheaper malaria drug

AFP Relax – Tue, Jan 17, 2012 11:39 PM PHT

German researchers announced Tuesday they had discovered a process to make the most effective anti-malaria drug cheaper and easier to produce in large life-saving quantities.

The breakthrough offers hope to the more than 200 million malaria sufferers worldwide, especially in poor countries, by making artemisinin more affordable, the Max Planck Society said.

"There is an effective treatment against malaria but it is not accessible to all of the more than 200 million people worldwide who are affected by the disease," it said in a written statement.

"Millions, especially in the developing world, cannot afford the combination drug preparation, which consists mainly of artemisinin," it added.

In addition, it said the medication's price varied because of the seasonal nature of the basic ingredient which mainly grows in China and Vietnam.

Chemists at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in the eastern city of Potsdam and Berlin's Free University have developed a way to synthesise the artemisinin molecule using oxygen and light.

"The production of the drug is therefore no longer dependent on obtaining the active ingredient from plants," one of the two researchers, Peter Seeberger, said in the statement.

They started by using artemisinic acid which can easily be produced in genetically modified yeast and converted it into artemisinin in a single step using a simple apparatus.

This enables "the production of large volumes of the substance under very controlled conditions", Seeberger said.

The researchers said they had overcome one problem by not carrying out the synthesis as a "one-pot reaction".

Instead, they used a continuous-flow reactor producing a solution after four and a half minutes in which 40 percent of the artemisinic acid had become artemisinin.

"We assume that 800 of our simple photoreactors would suffice to cover the global requirement for artemisinin," Seeberger said, adding that the synthesis process could be ready for technical use in six months.

Malaria caused the death of an estimated 655,000 people in 2010, with 86 percent of victims children aged under five, the World Health Organisation said last month.


Become A Medical Laboratory Technologist - What To Know About Medical Lab Technologist Career And Training

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How to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist. One of the critical professions in the healthcare setting is the Medical Laboratory Technologist. Medical Laboratory Technologists are expected to deal with more complex laboratory exams.

Medical Laboratory Technologist
Become One

Do you have excellent skills in developing complex analysis?
Are you a keen observer and good at noticing specific details?

Become a Medical Laboratory Technologist

Job Growth -- 14%
until 2018 (BLS)

Salary Range

4-year Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology

Move into a Rewarding Health Care Profession

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If, you want to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist, expect to supervise Clinical Laboratory Technicians. Your responsibilities will include assessing test results and creating related procedures.

National Reference Laboratory - East Avenue Medical Center Seminar/Workshop Updates

File:Mandatory drug testing, Guantanamo.png

Training Schedule

Drug Testing Laboratory
Screening Drug Testing Laboratory
  • February 1 - 3, 2012 (Cebu City)
  • March 28-30, 2012 (NIA)
  • July 4-6, 2012 (NIA)
  • September 26-28, 2012(NIA)
  • November 28-30, 2012 (NIA)
Head of the Drug Testing Laboratory
  • October 2012
Water Testing Laboratory
Training on Water Microbiology
  • May 8-11, 2012
  • August 28-31, 2012

See also:
Application Procedure 
For inquiries please contact NRL-EAMC at tel/fax 435-71-36.
Source: Department of Health, National Reference Laboratory for environmental, occupational health, toxicology, and micronutrient assay.

Requirements for HIV Proficiency Training

1.  Accomplished application form provided by the NRL-SACCL/SLH;

2.  Photocopy of renewed PRC ID;

3.  Letter of endorsement from pathologist or head of the agency and certifying that he/she is a practicing medical technologist in the laboratory for at least 6 months;

4.  Photocopy of renewed license to operate (or its receipt) a clinical laboratory and/or Blood Bank;

5.  Training fee - Php 16,000 / participant

Submit all the requirements by mail at:
National Reference Laboratory for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STIs
Bldg. 17, San Lazaro Compound, Quiricada St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003

For inquiry, please contact training coordinator at the following numbers:
Tel: 309-9528 / 309-9529 / 732-3776 loc 207
Fax No: 711-4117

Or send your queries at:

Training schedules will be informed to participant by sending acceptance letter thru fax or mail.

See also: 

Requirements for Renewal of HIV Proficiency Certificate

1.  Accomplished application form for the renewal of HIV proficiency certificate provided by the NRL-SACCL/SLH and must be signed by the pathologist of the sending agency;
  • Photocopy of previous HIV proficiency certificate;
  • Quarterly census form for HIV and other blood-borne infections;
  • Certificate of performance signed by pathologists or chief medical technologists;
  • Certificate of training, seminar or convention (related to HIV and blood-borne infection);
2.  2 copies of 2x2 colored ID picture with white background;

3.  Renewal fee (depending on the category of the applicant) to be paid at the San Lazaro Hospital.

Categories of Proficient Medical Technologist Requiring Renewal of Certificate

1.  Category I - Medical technologists performing HIV test with proficiency certificate acquired after CY 2001 shall undergo training seminar update.

2.  Category II - Medical technologists performing HIV test with proficiency certificate acquired before CY 2000 shall undergo refresher course.

3.  Category III - Non-performing HIV proficient medical technologist and those with expired proficiency certificates shall undergo initial HIV proficiency training for reinstatement.

Submit all the requirements by mail at:
National Reference Laboratory for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STIs
STD/AIDS COOPERATIVE CENTRAL LABORATORYBldg. 17, San Lazaro Compound, Quiricada St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
For inquiry, please contact training coordinator at the following numbers:
Tel: 309-9528 to 29
Fax No: 711-4117
Or send your queries at this email address:

Training schedules will be informed to participant by sending acceptance letter thru fax or mail.

New Year’s Lab-olutions | BenchFly Blog

New Year’s Lab-olutions | BenchFly Blog
by on January 4th, 2012

1. “In 2012, my bench will have more than a square foot of usable space available at all times.” We all have those weeks when we just don’t have a spare minute to clear up our bench. However, there is a limit to how long you can play the “I’ve been super busy” card when someone expresses concern over the vast quantity of unlabeled conical tubes filled with mystery liquids, especially if you’re making the excuse while cruising Amazon PubMed at your desk. Not only can this propensity to clutter infringe on your labmate’s space but it could seriously tick off that pesky health and safety officer who frequents your building.
2. “I will keep up with my notebook.” That’s not to say a notebook isn’t being kept, but is it organized? Is it correctly dated? Do the pages of it need to be actually contained within a 3-ring binder and not strewn across your desk?
3. “I will not pick my nose while wearing gloves.” Not only should you not be picking your nose, gross, doing so with gloves on could result in a nasty situation. Imagine if you forgot about the hydrochloric acid you splashed on them while pH-ing a batch of Tris? Hmmmm? Seriously nasty. And while we’re at it there are other activities you probably shouldn’t be doing in gloves, like typing a quick email or turning down the volume on the lab stereo. Dancing, however, is fine. In fact, I think gloves add emphasis to certain moves.
4. “I will not put empty solution bottles back in the fridge after finishing the contents.” Exhibit A, an email sent by me to my lab a few months back:
Empty Bottle Lab
Seriously not cool. Common solutions should always be left in a usable state, i.e. there should be enough left for someone else to complete at least one step of an experiment. Leaving a useless trickle doesn’t count, and it aggravates the trickle-finder.
5. “I will not eat Domino’s pizza no matter how free it is.” I know Domino’s has recently mounted a very strong advertising campaign about how they have improved their pizza, but they may have overstated said improvement. It’s really not good. And no matter how hungry you are you will feel worse after eating it.
6. “I won’t leave my Facebook account open on a common computer.” If you, like me, work in a lab full of pranksters, then this is definitely something to be conscious of. I am currently embroiled in a Spotify war as I generously leave my account open. But it turns out that Spotify posts songs to Facebook. Apparently the other day I listened to a whole playlist of songs whose titles contained my fellow grad student’s name. Sigh.
7. “I will make more lame science puns/jokes than last year.” This is one of those super positive resolutions sure to entertain your colleagues and generally improve your lab life. For example, we have this displayed on our door:
Hipster scientist sign
8. “I will no longer be jealous of the two projects in lab that are *actually* working.” It’s tough to be supportive when all your experiments are failing, but just remember, you’ll want a pat on the back when they start giving you publishable data. Try and keep the green-eyed monster in check.
9. “I will not use the fact that I work in a lab to validate my ink-stained pants and mis-matched socks.” Today I am actually wearing a rather fetching sweater dress, but yesterday I was wearing a pair of jeans that had suffered a small pen-in-the-laundry-related incident. Pride in your appearance is a nice self-esteem booster, plus if you haven’t dressed nicely in a while you get A LOT of compliments. But don’t forget to sport your protective lab coat when actually at the bench. Phenol can very quickly destroy a pair of tights.
10. “Graduate. For realz you guyz.”

New candidate malaria vaccine neutralises parasite strains | Wellcome Trust

New candidate malaria vaccine neutralises parasite strains | Wellcome Trust

21 December 2011
Schizont of Plasmodium falciparum
A new candidate malaria vaccine with the potential to neutralise all strains of the most deadly species of malaria parasite has been developed by a team led by scientists at the University of Oxford. This new work independently confirms the utility of a key discovery reported last month by scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, as it involves the target they had identified within the parasite as a potential ‘Achilles’ heel’.

Read full story

Logan reports: Tayag's dance moves trend online | ABS-CBN News

Logan reports: Tayag's dance moves trend online | ABS-CBN News

He had been trending on Twitter worldwide and was discussed on other social networking sites when his talent in dancing was exposed.

Due to insistent public demand, Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary Doctor Eric Tayag with his level-up 'moves like Tayag' dance was again highlighted in the story of Marc Logan.

See the video here.

Another dance performance of Doc Eric during the LMPHP Commencement Exercises.

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