Facebook use in gov't saps productivity: CSC | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Facebook use in gov't saps productivity: CSC | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Computerization and provision of internet connections in every offices of a department was of great help.  The government spent millions of pesos providing almost all employees their own computer with internet connections.  But with all these improvements, the problem remains in some government offices .  Services seems to be slower than before. The most common things that kill employees productivity before includes  “tsismisan” (gossiping) and some computer games like solitaire.  But because of the free access to the internet, employees are now more open to distracting sites in the world wide web during office hours.
Based on recent surveys, the top sites that eat up an employee’s time in the office are Facebook, Multiply, Yahoo Messenger, and NBA.com.

In office scenarios where computer works are switched on side by side Facebook and Multiply, the line drawn between official and personal business is growing finer and finer.

The Facebook, though vital for networking in media-related companies, can turn out to be of negative impact to productivity.  Sure, Facebook is good for networking, but there is a thin line between research and dawdling.  It can be tempting and distracting, catching your attention all day and giving less time for official business.  You can e-mail a friend, send an instant message, upload your photos from your beach trip, play scrabble, answer stupid quizzes, feed a virtual pet, and even snoop into your boss’s personal life.

Just how much of this personal stuff at work is really tolerable? Take a look around and you might observe that the culture allows it.  But it does not mean that it is ok.  It turns off clients to see people conducting their personal stuff on office time.  Take a look at the comments below and see how they picture government employees nowadays.

only in the Philippines  mga katoto. naranasan ko ang makipag-appointment sa mga walang kakwenta-kwentang mga taong gobyernong mga ito, mantakin ninyo, pinaghintay ako sa labas ng opisina ng hayop na superintendent for three hours para sabihin lang sa akin na doon na lang ako makipag-usap sa assistant dahil busy pa raw. pinuntahan ko, aba aba aba, at pinaghintay din ako ng dalawa at kalahating oras. so, out of curiousity, sinilip ko ang mga naturang opisina, nakupo, sarap pala ng buhay sa loob ng mga ganid. naka-youtube, facebook at si sir, hayop talaga, daig pa ang mga teenager sa dota. balik ako kay madam, nyahahahahaha, humahagikgik pa ang ulol na nakaharap sa kanyang laptop. hhmmmmmm? ano kaya ang pinagkaka-abalahang report na nakakapahagikgik sa huklubang superintendant na ito. at, take note, pati ang secretary niya, may ka-cam to cam pa. mga bwisit, talamak na talaga ang sakit sa bayan ni juan”

“mga taong gobyerno.. late papasok.. tapos hindi muna agad magttrabaho, magreretouch muna, makikipagchikahan nang mga 1 oras at magchecheck sa facebook. tapos coffee break na. chikahan ulit syempre. tapos maya maya pupunta na sa canteen (o kung san man) kahit hindi pa lunch time. pagkakain maglalakwatsa muna, babalik late na ulit. tapos magreretouch muna. tapos magchecheck ng facebook ulit tapos maya maya coffee break na. chikahan ulit. tapos maya maya uwian na.. tapos na naman ang isang araw”

The Civil Service Commission said it bans the use of computer games and social networking sites in government offices.  Government employees found playing computer games or going to social networking sites will face a reprimand or warning for the first offence, suspension for the second and dismissal for the third offense.

I just hope that this won’t be another  “ningas kugon.” Actually some offices including where I work, already issued memos about this restriction before.  But there was no strict implementation.  It only remains on paper.

As a government employee, we must know what’s okay and what’s too much.  Discipline is all what we need to solve the problem.  Why are we at work? Why do we need to answer that Facebook comment now? Anything that negatively impacts our productivity is too much.
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