Required Documents for Clinical Laboratory in the Renewal of License to Operate a Hospital (Updated on October 2012)

Applicant must first request relevant information and prescribed form from the Center for Health Development under whose jurisdiction the hospital is located.

All of the following documents for clinical laboratory section must be submitted before a license to operate can be renewed:
1. List of Personnel (use ANNEX A) 
2. Photocopies of the following:
Proof of qualification of pathologist and medical technologist
2.1 PRC ID
2.2 Board Certificate
2.3 Latest Certificate of Training/Seminar
3. List of Equipment, Reagent, Laboratory Ware and Materials for Specific Test (use ANNEX C) 
4. Quality Manual (changes only) 
5. Certificate of Participation in External Quality Assessment Program for the current year and EQAP results of the previous year's participation. (If the certificate is not yet available, please present a copy of the received application form together with the proof of payment)
5.1 Clinical Chemistry (LCP)
5.2 Hematology (NKTI)
5.3 Serology (SACCL)
5.4 Microbiology (RITM)
6. Notarized letter of intent to comply with the required blood service facility
7. Memorandum of Agreement, if not owned by the hospital

Upon filing of application, the applicant pays the corresponding fees for renewal of License to Operate to the Cashier of the Center for Health Development.

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